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Mortgage pre-approval is fast and simple with Dash Mortgage. Complete the online form in minutes and let our expert mortgage brokers handle the rest.

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Mortgage Products

Finding the right mortgage doesn’t have to be complicated. With expert advice from our knowledgeable brokers, you’ll have the perfect mortgage for whatever your needs may be; whether it’s a new home, investment or rental property, refinance, renewal, commercial property, or anything else under the sun! We have what you need.

New Home Purchase

Purchasing a new home is a big commitment. We’ll simplify the process, explain your options and recommend financing solutions. We always ensure you get the best mortgage rates and most flexible terms.

Refinancing Options

Pay less now and later with all refinancing options. Need some extra funds for renos on the house? Down payment for investment property or vacation home? Maybe there is an amazing opportunity to consolidate all your debts at one low interest rate to save you costs and dramatically increase your cashflow? We are here to assist you with every possibility.

Renewals & Transfers

Time to renew? Don’t lock yourself into a bad deal. We’ll find you a better interest rate and beat any rate offered by your current mortgage provider.

Investment Properties

Ready to enter the rental market? We’ll make the approval process seamless and stress-free so you can focus on finding great renters for your new investment property.

Investment Property Portfolio/ Lending Management

Have a financial advisor running your portfolio of cash wealth? We act as an advisor, but for your rental properties and borrowed funds. When your financial future is tied to your properties, we have the experience to increase your wealth quicker. Whether it’s improving the current borrowing structure or adding new properties, we’ll help you get the best return on your investments.

Vacation & Second Home Purchase

Considering a second property? We’ll streamline the process and explain your options so you can purchase with confidence. We guarantee you’ll receive the lowest interest rates and best terms.

Purchase Plus Improvements & Major Renovations

Fall in love with a fixer-upper? We’ll help you renovate right away with one easy-to-manage mortgage.

Newcomers to Canada

Welcome to Canada! Whether you are a permanent or non-permanent resident, we can make your dreams of homeownership a reality.


Are you your own boss? We can find mortgage solutions for self-employed borrowers who don’t have traditional third-party validation of income. We’ll get you the lowest rates and show you how to pay off your mortgage faster!


Looking for a new store-front? Expanding your offices? See an opportunity to add Commercial Property to your Investment Portfolio? Need to Renew or Refinance your current Commercial Properties? With our partners we can help you find the perfect product and interest rate to increase your margins and facilitate more business for your future.

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Unbeatable Mortgage Rates

At Dash Mortgage, you’ll always receive the best interest rate for you – that’s a promise. Think you’ve found a better offer? Let us know! We love competition and only want what’s best for you.

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